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What is

New Generation
Reservation System

You can book a table at your favorite restaurant or club at ReZZo.bg, but that makes ReZZo.bg unique is the opportunity to make a reservations with discount.

What is stimulating the restaurants
to give a discount?

Every restaurant or a club, no matter how popular and successful it is, has empty tables during its business hours. The restaurants make loss which is not profitable for it.

ReZZo.bg is coming to help!

The restaurant make loss from empty tables, because it had already paid for a rent, electricity, music, salaries and etc.

ReZZo.bg helps for filling this empty tables.


The restaurant defines how empty tables there are at every moment during the business hours. ReZZo.bg offers them for reservation with discount that the restaurant had decided to give. The restaurant doesn’t make loss of the empty tables and inspite of the discount it makes profit. The restaurant is full with glad and happy clients.

ReZZo.bg is a
last innovation

in the restaurants. The success of the idea and concept of ReZZo.bg is all over the world, including Europe, USA, Russia, India and etc.

Full Restaurant
Happy clients

ReZZo.bg makes every restaurants’ dream come true – to be full with happy clients. And you just take the chance to eat delicious food at the best restaurants and to have fun at the best clubs. You find new places and receive a big discount.




You and the Restaurant!

ReZZerve at ReZZo.bg with discounted bill, not emotions!